New company brings curbside valet service to ATL

Filed in News by on January 22, 2014

GreenCoatFor travelers who want to make catching a flight as easy as a visit to their favorite restaurant, a new company has launched the first curbside valet service at Hartsfield-Jackson. GreenCoat Auto Conciege, based in Atlanta, quietly began operations this past August, allowing customers to simply leave their cars at the curb when arriving for a flight.

Company spokeswoman Rachel Hundley explains that clients can call or go online to make a reservation at least a half-hour before their check-in. When they arrive at the Airport, they’re met on the lower level of the Domestic Terminal by a valet who takes their keys and wishes them bon voyage. It’s that simple, she says.

Travelers’ vehicles are stored in a nearby warehouse and, when their owners call or send a text to say they’ve returned, the cars are driven back to the Airport to meet them at the curb. But the company also tracks its customers’ flights, Hundley says.

“If your flight is delayed or cancelled, we’re ready for that,” she says.

The basic valet service and storage is $20 per day, but GreenCoat also offers a menu of other convenience services, such as car washes, glass repair, oil changes, dent repair, fuel fill-up, and emissions inspection. A valet can even drop off and collect customers’ dry cleaning while they’re away.

The company’s name comes from the green coats worn by the valets for easy identification, since the Airport does not allow the placement of a kiosk on the curb. As one might expect, the valet service is mostly used by business travelers, but Hundley says word of mouth is steadily expanding the company’s client base.

Later this year, she says, GreenCoat plans to roll out its own smartphone app and may be looking at expanding to other airports.

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