100 Millionth Passenger Celebration | Supporter Information

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is making history again. We are the world’s most traveled airport and have reached another historic milestone – serving our 100 millionth passenger in a single year. This is a momentous occasion that only ATL can claim, and we are excited to celebrate with our guests, industry partners and business fellows.



In an effort to celebrate this occasion with our guests, community and industry peers, we have developed the You Could Be the One to Make History integrated marketing campaign. This campaign comprises various marketing channels to promote and celebrate this milestone inside of the airport, in the Atlanta community and throughout the country.



On the day determined from the verifiable methodology, we will host a celebration for the guests in ATL. In addition to your contribution, we are requesting that you provide an onsite activation team to distribute the physical items on the day of the celebration. Please see below an outline of the opportunities to support, gift and sample guests during the celebration.


Prize Level


Minimum Value of Prize

Grand Prize Winner

This will be the 100 millionth passenger as identified by the confirmed methodology $80,000

Flight Prize Winner

All of the passengers on the same flight as the 100 millionth passenger.   Quantities must come in a minimum of 250.


ATL General Winners Distribution opportunity for all passengers in ATL at the time of the celebration.   Quantities must come in a minimum of 5,000.



Please note: The minimum prizing amount will be associated to values of channels identified in The Opportunity section.




In exchange for your support of this celebration we will provide onsite inventory inside  ATL.


Channel / Method

Flight Run Impressions Description Cost

CNN Airport Channel

1 month(30 days) 4.5m(30 days) (540 runs) :30 second spots 18 per day $29,000.00
2 weeks(14 days) 2.1m(14 days) (252 runs) :30 second spots 18 per day


Concourse F Digital Displays

1 month (30 days) 5.7m(30 days) Rotating Digital Graphics (1:5 ratio) $36,000.00
2 weeks (14 days) 2.6m(14 days) Rotating Digital Graphics (1:5 ratio)


ATL Free Wi-Fi Splash Page

1 month (30 days) 1.5m(30 days) Header Banner $1,000.00
2 weeks(14 days)


(14 days)

Header Banner


Baggage Information Displays

1 month(30 days) 1.2m(30 days) Rotating Digital Graphics (1:5 ratio) $9,000.00
2 weeks(14 days) 560,000(14 days) Rotating Digital Graphics (1:5 ratio)


Multi-platform Social Media Placement

1 month(30 days) 2.5m(30 days) Minimum 25 @mentions on all ATL Social Platforms $3,080.00
2 weeks(14 days) 1.2m(14 days) Minimum 25 @mentions on all ATL Social Platforms




If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact marketing@atlanta-airport.com or call (404) 382-2335.


Download pdf: 100Million_SupportOpportunity_vFinal